Annual Production Sale

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April 1, 2017
Athens Stockyard,
Athens, TN

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Bull Sale

Annual Performance/RFI-Tested Bull & Proven Female Sale
April 1, 2017

Athens Stockyard
Athens, TN

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Our herd is:

• BVD-PI tested and certified Level 1 Johne’s free
• Carefully selected with optimum trait combinations for longevity, heifers that you will want to retain and profitability

Partners with Qualifying Genetics Needed

Develop a premium-based outlet for your calves. Buy a Braunvieh, BraunAngus or Angus bull at our sale, sell us your calves and collect premiums.

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Our mission is to produce cattle that will make our customers more money. Our bulls are moderate framed, fertile, durable and easy keeping. On average our bulls are in service five to seven years for our customers. Their calves are easily born, grow quickly, gain efficiently and have large enough ribeyes to produce carcasses with Yield Grades of 1 and 2, and Choice Quality Grade. We breed our bulls to be structurally sound for longevity and performance in the pasture on forage based diets. You will especially want to keep the heifers.

Ridgefield develops bulls in large grass paddocks with free access to a well-balanced high roughage diet. By design, our paddocks range from 1,000 feet to 2,000 feet in length to insure that our bulls benefit from plenty of exercise throughout their development.

Our feed bunks are located in a centralized area near our working barns, commodity barn, silage pits, offices and equipment storage areas. This not only aids in the efficiency of our operation, but also constantly exposes the bulls to people, machinery and random noises. Developing the bulls in the active environment in which we raise them, produces animals that are easier to work and less prone to being startled. It also makes it easy for us to observe them and foster the gentleness that comes with regular human contact; a trait for which Ridgefield Farm is known. We don’t mean to imply that mature bulls should ever be trusted, however, we believe that you will find our bulls easy to handle and less destructive on infrastructure and less troublesome for the personnel who work with them.

Costs associated with livestock production are high. Whether it is the cost of feed, fuel, or shortage of labor; minimizing input cost and maximizing the yield of high quality beef must be the goal of any cattle operator who expects to stay in business. This is the reason that in the summer of 2008 we purchased a Grow Safe System for use in measuring residual feed intake (RFI), a commonly accepted method for determining feed efficiency. We provide the feed to gain ratio for all bulls. Studies by the University of Missouri and the University of West Virginia confirm that by breeding two successive generations at negative RFI, females can result in increasing stocking rates by as much as 20% Imagine having 20% more calves to sell from the same acreage and same input costs. In addition to obtaining RFI information, we also measure average daily gain. At twelve months of age the bulls and heifers are Ultrasounded and given breeding soundness examinations.

Our progeny purchase program, The Ridgefield Bull Deal, has provided us a great deal of experience with crossbred progeny from our bulls and cows of other breeds. The calves produced by our bulls are heavily muscled, moderately framed, disease resistant and good performers both in the feedyard and on the rail. Our experience, to date, is that across the board, with no control over the cow herds from which we purchase the progeny from our bulls, we are averaging 85% choice, which is extremely important to Brasstown Beef, our branded beef program.

We are very proud of our bulls and encourage you to come see them for yourself or look at them on our website. Compare them to any bulls, of any breed that you have seen anywhere, and we think that you will see why we have customers from the East Coast to Florida, to Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and states in between.

We are driven by the satisfaction of our customers and back every bull that we sell with an unconditional guarantee. If you aren’t happy, we will make it right.

Steve Whitmire