Annual Bull Sale

March 23, 2018
Athens Stockyard,
Athens, TN

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Bull Deal

The Ridgefield Bull Deal
- "It will make you color blind" -

When you buy a bull from us, we give you a written guarantee to purchase 100% of your calves*, sired by our bull, for a minimum of three calf crops. We will pay you a premium of as much as $9/cwt above auction barn prices. Plus, save the auction barn commission, save transportation and save shrink. This program practically guarantees you $30-$50 more per calf than you are used to getting, no matter what the color. If you own 30 cows, you could put an extra $900 -$1, 500 in your pocket, per year!! If you own 300 cows, you could put an extra $9,000-$15,000 in your pocket, per year!! You will more than pay for the bull with the premiums alone! As an added benefit, we develop and harvest the calves for Brasstown Beef, our branded beef program, providing you with feeding and carcass data with which to improve your cow herd.

Our offer is to pay you a premium above markets into which you normally sell your calves. Pay weights for price determination will be the average weight of cattle sold by each seller, respectfully. Calves must weigh at least 500 pounds, and less than 850 pounds.

To earn full premiums, all calves must be ear tagged and identified with information suitable to qualify for USDA age and source verification program, be dehorned, and for males castrated, bunk broke and weaned at least thirty days. They must be certified as never having been treated with antibiotics and growth promoting hormones. Males must be castrated by knife at least four weeks prior to our taking delivery, or if banded, scrotal sacks must have fallen off. All calves must also have been vaccinated with a broad spectrum, modified live five way or ten way vaccine which covers at a minimum BRD, BVD, Lepto, etc. and Blackleg, administered a minimum of four weeks prior to our taking delivery. All heifers must be certified as open.

For farms located more than 100 miles from Brasstown, N.C., for purposes of shipping coordination, dates for picking up calves will be established so as to insure that full 50,000 pound trailer loads can be utilized for each pick up. Pay weights will be obtained at a mutually agreed upon set of certified scales with a 2% pencil shrink applied. To see contract for complete details, click here

To see contract for complete details, click here