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March 29, 2019
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Welcome to Ridgefield Farm
Where we are more than a SEEDSTOCK provider...We are a BEEF provider.

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Our Integrated Program

Ridgefield Farm is a fully-integrated system from breeding to feeding and supplying all natural, premium, locally-raised beef to fine restaurants and retail meat markets. Our goal is to breed cattle that are easy-keeping, fertile and produce the finest beef at the least possible cost.

Our production process begins with a reliable supply of high-quality feeder calves. For more than ten years, Ridgefield Farm has been committed to providing the highest quality seedstock to the commercial cattle cooperators who supply feeder calves for our premium beef program.

Our Genetics

Our farm was recently named the 2010 Seedstock Cattlemen of the Year by the Georgia Cattlemen's Association and is a Beef Improvement Federation nominee this year for Seedstock Breeder of the Year. Currently, we own and manage about 100 head of registered Braunvieh, about 80 head of registered Angus and about 90 commercial females.

Our cutting edge genetic improvement and selection strategies are critical to achieving our goals. Ridgefield Farm is one of few cattle producers who own and employ a GrowSafe® feed efficiency system where all of our cattle destined to be breeding stock are tested for Residual Feed Intake (RFI). Feed efficiency testing and ultrasound technology, combined with other traditional performance testing methods, are fundamental components of our selection process.


We are aggressively improving our Angus herd. We substantially increased the number of registered Angus in our operation with the addition of land and the purchase of the registered Angus herd of Brasstown Valley Angus Farm in 2010. In April of 2010, we purchased the top indexing Angus bull of 750 head tested, Flat Mountain Focus on Profit, at the Midland Bull Test Sale. This spring, we went back to Midland and have added two more outstanding performers to our Angus program. Combining the exceptional genetics of our Angus cowherd with these outstanding herd sires takes our Angus program to the highest level of performance, carcass quality and feed efficiency so we can offer our customers breed-leading Angus genetics.


We discovered the wonderful characteristics of the Braunvieh breed about 12 years ago. Braunvieh cattle have superior carcass qualities (tenderness, large ribeyes, marbling and reduced back fat) and outstanding maternal traits. Braunvieh continue to be an essential part of our seedstock and branded beef program. Ridgefield Farm has an extensive, proven herd bull battery, where we concentrate on producing outstanding fullblood and homozygous polled bulls that produce moderate birth weight calves with outstanding performance, feed efficiency and maternal ability. Ridgefield Farm was chosen Breeder of the Year in 2009 by the Braunvieh Association of America.

BraunAngus – "The Golden Cross"

These F1 hybrids have increased muscling, superior hybrid vigor, better feed efficiency and the heifers kept for breeding have improved muscling and milk production over straight-bred Angus. The Braunvieh influence improves the yield grade by reducing back fat and increasing ribeye area without decreasing marbling, and Angus brings high quality grade, fast gain, and a calf with a black hide qualifying for the Certified Angus Beef® brand. In the national cattle markets, BraunAngus calves are widely sought after for their feedyard performance and carcass qualities and we also prefer them for Brasstown Beef,™ our branded beef program.

brasstown logoOur dry-aged, all-natural premium beef is rapidly growing in popularity. Brasstown Beef products are offered direct to consumers in a variety of gourmet meat markets, retail stores, country clubs and fine restaurants. For more information on our beef business, visit

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Some of Our Beef Distributors and Retail Customers Include:


International Food Concepts (IFC), Atlanta

Whole Foods Markets